indycube in The Big Issue

We're were featured in The Big Issue this week, thanks to the community spirit of the magazine and their efforts to support subscribers. Here's what was said:

indycube provides comfortable and productive co-working spaces across Wales for freelancers and home-workers 

indycube is an independent organisation which provides coworking spaces across Wales. They aim to supply a comfortable and productive working environment for freelancers and those who ordinarily work from home. indycube’s writer in residence, Mari Ellis, explains why they support The Big Issue.

Can you explain more about what indycube does?

indycube provides coworking space all over Wales, from vibrant big cities to smaller rural towns. We were born on St David’s Day 6 and a half years ago, and have since expanded across the country, with 25 locations and counting. We aim to facilitate a space where people can come together to work alongside one another.

What are indycube’s goals?

Serendipity is our buzzword – we love seeing people working together, chatting over the coffee machine and getting to know each other. Time and again we’ve seen projects born from chance meetings across a desk. Our goal is to foster that. We’re also a social enterprise, which means that our social mission is core.

Why is indycube a part of The Big Issue Big List?

We support the mission statement of The Big Issue, helping others to help themselves. Like The Big Issue, and its independent charity, The Big Issue Foundation, we believe in connectivity and independence. Now that we’ve subscribed, we’ll have plenty of reading material in our offices!

How does the ethos of indcyube fit in with that of The Big Issue?

indycube, we’re all about people. We provide open spaces which are fit for purpose in terms of coworking, but our associates are the ones who ‘make a house a home,’ so to speak. We supply the desks and the wifi, but we encourage our members to make the space their own, however they may choose.

What are indycube’s plans for the future?

We’re always on the look out for new spaces, especially in rural areas, so don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have somewhere in mind. We’re also hosting a Summer Get Together at the end of the month – the more the merrier! Come along if you want to find out what we’re all about. Our founder, Mark, is running the Cardiff Half-Marathon this October, raising money for another independent charity, Autism Puzzles.

Why is indycube a success?

Our organisation is upheld by a network of individuals, who each have a role to play. We have a very small team of staff, flanked by Anchor Associates in each location, who are given desks in return for holding down the forte. We also have a near even number of men and women who use us regularly, which is uncommon in the coworking world. Our members and the people involved are what make us different.

We’re on Twitter and Facebook, and can be found at Get in touch with Dai using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for enquiries.

Pick up a copy of The Big Issue in our Cardiff Bay office!

Urbanistas Cardiff: Amplifying the voices of women

Urbanistas Cardiff Expo
26th July, 5:30-8pm
Milk and Sugar

The Cardiff group Urbanistas launched in September 2014. They meet monthly at gatherings which alternate between an ‘Expo’ and a social, usually on the last Tuesday of every month.

If you are interested in meeting like-minded women, sharing and hearing about ideas that help make cities thrive, want help with a project or idea, or are simply curious – head to this evening's Urbanistas Cardiff Expo event, with guest speakers including Mark Hooper.

Sign up for tonight's free event via Eventbrite.

Facebook | Twitter


South Wales Networking for Women


Tuesday, 26th July
Miskin Manor

Networking morning organised by 'South Wales Networking for Women' group, meeting in the cafe area of the Health Club. (Follow signs to 'health club' on site)

Meet up with the other ladies in this group, and learn about their businesses. Arm yourself with your business cards and flyers, buy a tea and some cake from the desk, and enjoy the company of like-minded business women in the area. Informal, friendly and chatty meeting - nothing scary at all!  

Although this event is free, if you are interested in joining us on the day, we politely request you register for the ticket. Not only does this help with organisation, and letting the venue know the expected numbers, it also means you will be added to the mailing list and notified about future events run by our group.

There are also upcoming events in Port Talbot and Caerphilly.

Sign up for free via Eventbrite.

Facebook           @SWalesNet4Women 

Google Developer Group at Central Library.

Google Developer Group
July 28th

Cardiff Libraries are proud to offer a collaboration with Google, offering a monthly Google Developer Group at Central Library.

Each month the meetings will have a range of speakers discussing all things Google related, and they will provide a platform for members of the community to seek advice on new and innovative technology.

Our first ever group meet will be on the 28th July, where Ben Davies of Nagra Media will be discussing what it means to be an Android developer.

For more details, and to book a place, please see Eventbrite.

Mark to run Cardiff Half Marathon for Autism Puzzles

Mark is running the Cardiff Half Marathon

As the director of indycube, Mark is joining forces with Steve Farmer, director of Steps Training, to raise money for Steps' Charity of the Year, Autism Puzzles.

Mark will be running the Cardiff Half Marathon this October, despite never having run anywhere in his life. Ever. The route is a total of 13.1 miles in and around Cardiff, starting at Cardiff Castle and culminating at the Civic Centre.

Despite being a novice runner, Mark has bought a new pair of trainers and is preparing for the race, with a goal of raising £900 for his efforts.

Donate here!

Sell yourself, not your business

Think about the process of buying a service from someone - what do you look for? What sort of questions do you ask? Are you focussed mainly on the service, or on the person selling the service? We've written before about the merit of coworking when it comes to collaboration and business, (serendipity), here's a guide as to why and how you should sell yourself before anything else.

1. Make yourself memorable

Whatever you're selling, you are the face behind your brand - ultimately, it all comes back to you. Unless you're offering something incredibly unique, people are likely to remember you, rather than your product. Make yourself memorable, be polite and personable, let your personality shine through, rather than hiding behind whatever service you're offering.

2. People love a good story

Let people know where you came from, how you got there and why you set up in business. Don't be afraid to share your story if you've had a tough time, or struggled to establish yourself. One of the most memorable pitches I've ever heard was by Jenny Duckworth of Jam HR, who spoke about her marriages and her weight loss more than she spoke about her business model.

3. Know who you are

Have confidence in yourself, know who you are and that what you do is worthwhile. I often find myself trailing off, apologising or mumbling when it comes to talking about myself and my job. I sometimes worry that others will consider it 'not a real job,' but that needs to stop! Embrace your skillset and be proud.

4. Conversation at a human level

Lastly, chat to people honestly and on a human level. Let them know what you do, but don't be overly formal. I know I would much rather have a down-to-earth conversation with someone than be sold a business pitch. (Maybe avoid politics until this whole Brexit thing blows over, unless you want an office-wide debate and a few broken chairs!)

So there you have it - be your own brand, and sell yourself before anything else!


*Free Event* Women in Enterprise: The Untapped Potential

In a male-dominated business world, we aim to keep our offices as gender-neutral as possible, encouraging members to decorate their own space. We focus on bringing diverse and creative people together, whoever they may be. Consequently, about half of our associates at indycube are women - and there's some pretty great ones too! Next Thursday, Mark will be speaking at Women in Enterprise at the Pierhead building in Cardiff Bay, where there will be panel discussions, talks and networking, (oh, and food too.) Here's the info:

FSB Wales
Women in Enterprise: The Untapped Potential

Thursday 16 June 2016
Pierhead, Cardiff Bay
Free entry

Sponsored by Ann Jones AM, Deputy Presiding Officer

FSB Wales would like to invite you to attend the launch of the FSB report on Women in Enterprise at the Pierhead.

12.00pm Buffet lunch
12.30-1.30pm Report launch and panel discussion with Janet Jones (Policy Chair, FSB Wales), Helen Walbey (Diversity Chair, FSB), Ann Jones AM (Deputy Presiding Officer), Mark Hooper (indycube),Lee Sharma (Simply Do)
1.30pm Networking
2.00pm Close

To book a place, please visit here

FSB Cymru
Menywod mewn Busnes: Y Potensial heb ei Ddefnyddio

Dydd Iau 16 Mehefin 2016
Pierhead, Bae Caerdydd
Am ddim

Noddir gan Ann Jones AC, Dirprwy Lywydd

Hoffai FSB Cymru eich gwahodd i lansiad adroddiad yr FSB ar Fenywod mewn Busnes yn adeilad y Pierhead. 

12.00pm Cinio bys a bawd
12.30-1.30pm Lansio’r adroddiad a thrafodaeth banel gyda Janet Jones (Cadeirydd Polisi, FSB Cymru), Helen Walbey (Cadeirydd Amrywiaeth, FSB), Ann Jones AC (Dirprwy Lywydd), Mark Hooper (indycube), Lee Sharma (Simply Do)
1.30pm Rhwydweithio

2.00pm Gorffen

Er mwyn cadw lle, ewch yma

GoRookie advertise first job post

Ed Shorney, anchor of indycube Bridgend and founder of apprentice scheme GoRookie, is searching for a Marketing Assistant.

The position is being advertised via Careers Wales, and applicants have until 30th of June to respond.

Marketing Assistant with GoRookie

Our focus is on bringing quality people and employers together . Therefore, we are looking for entrepreneurial team members who treat their jobs like their own businesses. You will be given the freedom to approach your role as you like so no 9 to 5 clock watching here! However, we do require passion and the commitment to better yourself and the business. Some key areas of work will include:

1. Researching the educational sector and institutions (particularly comprehensive schools) to gain a clear understanding of their problems and needs.
2. Engage, establish and develop strong relationships with key staff within educational institutions, maintaining contact in a timely and efficient manner
3. Promoting and selling our platform. This will involve presenting solutions to educational institutions and delivering agreed actions
4. Design, promote and facilitate a range of events and workshops in schools but also occasionally colleges, and wider community. These are aimed at encouraging young people to think about the next steps into the job market, introduction to GoRookie. 
5. Establish links and build relationships with organisations currently supporting young people (e.g. Local councils, Princes trust, Job centre etc.)
6. Liaise with other young people development organisations to identify possible synergies and opportunities (e.g. Prince’s Trust, Careers Wales, etc.)
7. Maintain an up-to-date awareness of competitor activities and developments making recommendations and proposals for consideration by the management team
8. Provide accurate activity reports and management information at prescribed intervals and as requested
9. Co-ordinate the delivery of generic promotional events including.
10. Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action

Training provided

Full training will be provided

Preferred Learning Provider


Desirable personal qualities

reasonable standard of education, trustworthy, reliable, punctual, reasonable standard of communication skills, keyboard skills, pleasant outgoing manner, well presented, effective contributor to a team, a desire to show initiative; ability to work as part of a team, self-motivated, ability to forge effective working relationships, high levels of enthusiasm
ability to stay calm under pressure

Qualification(s) Required

No Minimum Requirement

Welsh Language Requirements

Welsh Spoken Skills: No. 
Welsh Written Skills: No.

Interview arrangements

ENSURE you complete your vacancy profile as fully as possible, and provide an up-to-date mobile number & email address in your application.
CHECK your email inbox and Careers Wales account regularly for updates to your application.
Suitable candidates will be notified of interview arrangements as appropriate

See the listing and apply here.

Summer Shenanigans in Swansea - All Welcome

July 29th
Tino's, Wind Street

On July 29th, we're holding a Pop up festival / Open mic night at Tino's on Wind Street, located next door to our coworking space in Swansea.

Join us for drinks, chit chat and a bit of entertainment.

Tickets are £5 and anyone can play, perform, rant, rave, juggle or just kick back and watch.

Reserve your place via Eventbrite and hand your fiver to Mark, Dai, Mike or any anchor associate.

Online Seller UK Meetup - Newport

Online Seller UK
June 29th, 5:30-8pm

This event is a free event for online sellers and retailers. This is also an excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and meet with industry experts in a comfortable setting.

If you are a first time visitor please check out our Past event photos to find out what to expect. 

Our topics are:

#1 Amazon FBA and Private Labelling 

#2 Top 5 tips on Expanding Online Business into Germany 

#3 The Basics of International SEO

See Eventbrite for more informaiton and to book your free place.


Hack the Local, free hackathon in Cardiff

Hack the Local
11 and 12 June
Hadyn Ellis building, Maindy Road, Cardiff

Hack the Local is a free weekend hackathon to build new apps and platforms based around local news and information challenges. Join Cardiff University's Centre for Community Journalism and Computational and Data Journalism MSc for Hack the Local, a weekend-long hack event.

Software developers and tech start ups will join forces with community and mainstream journalists to compete for prizes and get expert guidance in open data, data journalism and more. They will be serving free lunches, teas and coffees throughout the weekend. On Saturday evening, attendees will be invited to an evening reception sponsored by Seasons, and will be greeted with prosecco on arrival and a complimentary buffet. Hack the Local is a great opportunity to meet likeminded people and businesses, and forge new collaborations.

For more information and to register for your free place, see Eventbrite.

indycube crosses the border to Wakefield

Last week, we opened our first space across the border in Wakefield, Yorkshire. The space is open, friendly and vibrant. Located in Kings Street, indycube Wakefield is anchored by Mark and Charlotte of Good Cop Bad Cop Productions.

We've got free tea, coffee and wifi, as well as a great vibe. Why not try it out with a Free Day Pass if you're in the area and haven't tried indycube before. All current indycube members are, of course, welcome to use the space, no matter where your permenant desk may be!

As always, you can check it out by booking a day here.

For more pictures, see Facebook, or follow the @indycubewakey Twitter feed.

Can Life Coaching improve your business?

Recently, I undertook a free life coaching taster session with Marcus Grodentz of Novus Life Coaching. Marcus is on a personal mission to deliver 100 free sessions to individuals of all backgrounds, and I was fortunate enough to be one of the people to benefit from this - you can too.

What is Life Coaching?

At Novus Life Coaching, Marcus aims to guide others through the difficulties in their lives, helping them to seek and achieve the changes they desire. Sometimes we need help navigating our way through the difficulties that seem to block and beset us, and this is where Marcus, an ex-journalist with enough experience of his own to empathise with and understand his clients, comes in.

My experience of Life Coaching was unique, as yours will be. We discussed my childhood, my parents and my views of the world. I realised that certain behaviours which I implement for my own protection, are actually detrimental, within both my personal life and my career. I will now strive to alter these behaviours and thought patterns.

How can Life Coaching help you?

Learning to identify certain detrimental factors within our lives can lead to us being happier, more fulfilled and content beings. Our wellbeing affects our careers and our businesses and vice-versa, so Life Coaching is worth trying out from a business point of view, especially if you're not sure what's holding you back.

Marcus believes we all have monsters, "But as often as not those ‘monsters’ are figments of our imagination. They are part of the scenario we paint to stop ourselves moving forward into the ‘unknown.’"

To secure your free Life Coaching session, get in touch with Marcus on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Connecting The Dots - Blockchain Webinar Series

LYNK is a platform for knowledge sharing. They are hosting a webinar series on Blockchain, a hot topic for startups and enterprises for the last few years.

They have confirmed 6 top-notch speakers from their respective fields - the Chief Data Scientist from IBM Watson IoT, top executives from pioneer companies like Consensys, Blockstream, Coinsilium and Ethereum foundation and more.


Blockchain technology is one of the most rapidly changing landscapes known today. In a 6-part webinar series, we bring you the top experts from the biggest movers and shakers in: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Sidechains and more. In our "Connecting The Dots” webinar series, we explore Blockchain, its practical use cases for corporations and startups, assess its transformation impact on our society, as well as cover major industry moves.

Topics will include:

  1. Finding practical use cases for corporations
  2. Hyperledger and readiness for enterprise blockchain development
  3. Sidechains and future of interoperable blockchains
  4. Ethereum - trends in smart contracts and decentralized apps
  5. Security and Compliance in Bitcoin and blockchain implementations
  6. Assessing Blockchain impact on our society
View this information in your browser or use Eventbrite to learn more and register your interest.