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Meet the man behind the 5p charge for carrier bags

Times are changing, we're growing, and we've got 5 new members on the indycube team to help us get to where we want to be! We think they're all pretty great, and we'd like you to get to know them too:

Ceri Davies
aka the man behind the 5p charge for carrier bags

"I’m Ceri Davies, an early 40s boy from Mid Wales. Attracted to the bright lights of Cardiff as a student, I am yet to return home! I wanted to change the world and spent much of my career developing and delivering public policy (I made you pay that 5p for carrier bags!), and now I'm looking for something different - the We are changing the way Wales does business" approach of indycube is where I see the future.

"Outside of what I do to pay the bills I keep busy in numerous ways:
  • Husband - to Tara | Father - of two young daughters | Son and brother
  • Environmentalist - More your local environment than the grand scheme but its all in the mix
  • Keep Wales Tidy trustee | Founder Keep Cathays Tidy | Cardiff Community Energy
  • Sportsman - ish! If it’s got a ball to chase - I’m in, be it playing, watching and supporting anything with a welsh badge on it
  • Historian - degree in Welsh history and still dabbling in a bit of research – plus dragging two young girls around every castle in Wales :o)
  • Entrepreneur - Like the odd property venture and always got a few schemes bubbling away
  • Social commentator and observer – interested in politics, social justice, regeneration, engineering, and I love a “nudge"
  • Dysgwr Cymraeg

"I'm currently excited by the indycube approach, plans and inspirational team, and looking forward to bringing my thinking, skills and experience to changing the way we do things. I still want to change the world! Keep in touch with me on twitter.

We're excited to have Ceri on board to help keep us all in line!

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