Become a legend, Newport-style

What and who are the legends of Newport? Are there mythological beasts that once roamed the shores of the Usk? Is there a Maindee community member who bravely saved someone’s life? What old stories do grandparents tell their grandchildren in Pillgwennlly? We love local folklore and the unique stories that come with every town and city across the country. Drama leader Rhian Hutchings works from ic Newport, developing Operasonic.

Over the next 12 months, they will be uncovering the legends of  Newport working with local young people. Each legend will be transformed into a performance that brings together music, storytelling, design and drama – all the ingredients of opera. Their young opera creators will work with composers, directors and opera singers to create their legends and share them with their communities, with a final performance from all four grous on Sunday July 2nd 2017.

All tickets for this final show are only £5. Book your tickets now!

Operasonic and Newport Legends have set up a fundraiser and are asking for your help to:
  • bring all the participants together to showcase and share their amazing work in a professional venue
  • give our young participants the memorable experience of performing on a big stage in front of a live audience
  • celebrate Newport and all the amazing stories, myths, legends and people who live there
  • give all participants their own Newport Legends T-shirt to take away and keep so they never forget what they have achieved
  • pay for an ensemble of 4 professional musicians to play for the performance - making it an extra-special experience!
Go on - be a legend.

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