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Meet the trampoline talent who once waltzed through an airport in a Leotard of Shame

Times are changing, we're growing, and we've got 5 new members on the indycube team to help us get to where we want to be! We think they're all pretty great, and we'd like you to get to know them too, so here they are, introducing themselves:

Sarah Scotcher
aka the trampolining talent who once waltzed through Dublin Airport in her club's Leotard of Shame | aka the most organised woman in Wales

"Hello! I’m Sarah, an English twenty-something who stayed in Wales after studying English Literature & History at Cardiff University. I’ve worked in recruitment and the public and third sectors, but the majority of my experience comes from co-founding and running a small business for five years. Having had a wonderful time developing processes and building a team there, I’m ready to dive into a new challenge – and I’m very excited about it. 

I understand the day to day stresses of being a business owner, and feel that the playing field could be levelled out to make things a bit fairer and stable for the self-employed, freelancers and those working in the gig economy. When I’m not working to make sure operations run nice and smoothly, I love…

  • Reading and writing – I try to do a little of both every day. I like novels and non-fiction, as well as articles covering current affairs - especially those focussing on gender politics
  • Weekend breaks to beautiful places 
  • Walks in the countryside (usually followed by red wine and board games)
  • Seeing my family in England, and having fun with my partner’s adorable nephews
  • Dw i’n trio dysgu Cymraeg, ond ma eisiau i fi ymarfer!"
Some of you may know Sarah Scotcher as an indycuber herself - she used Swansea and then Trade Street for years to run her business before moving on to other adventures. We're thrilled to have Sarah on board - we know she's hard working, diligent and really knows her stuff!

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